The Capital Advisory Group, a Forbes Top 50 RIA Firm, Tackles Investors’ Most Pressing Issues


Investors are having trouble knowing what to do in the current economic environment. Our goal is to provide the guidance needed to make sense of it all.

So says Investment Advisor Brett Machtig, AIF®, CWS®, RMA®, founding partner of The Capital Advisory Group Advisory Services, LLC (CAG)—recognized by Forbes as one of 2013’s Top 50 Wealth Managers in the U.S.* Machtig is dedicat- ed to helping high-net-worth investors navigate their top five greatest concerns.

5. Taxation – To solve their tax short- falls, states are shifting tax brackets and widening the range of taxable business assets. CAG works to improve clients’ tax position by proactively working with clients and tax professionals.

4. Economy – For the past three de- cades, the Federal Reserve has reduced rates during financial downturns. Our dollar has been diluted at record rates since 2009. How will the looming rise in interest rates impact investments? CAG helps clients capitalize on what- ever comes next.

3. Benchmarking – High fees hurt returns. CAG benchmarks client fees to compare them to industry standards. All prospective clients with $1 million or more in assets can request a free benchmark of their current holdings, courtesy of one of the firm’s managing partners.

2. Business Planning – Successful businesses need help when setting up succession plans, dealing with partners or preparing a business for sale. CAG identifies clients’ best options and pinpoints weaknesses of existing plans.

1. Estate Planning – Most clients leave their fortunes to their children, but many are woefully unprepared for the ravages of divorce or creditors. CAG provides innovative solutions for estate planning shortfalls within wills, trusts, partnerships, durable powers of attorney and living wills.


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National Television, Radio, and Education

Appearing on radio, television and featured speaking events in every major city in the United States. Brett’s appearances include, CNBC’s “Your Money,” PBS’s “Financial Freedom,” CNN’s “ Financial Update”, and numerous local news and morning shows which have all been catalyst in helping Brett come to build a comprehensive educational asset management firm. Brett spent his time listening to individuals stories and concerns on financial matters that affect all aspects of life. Brett’s education and dedication to driving it home that each person holds the key to personal financial wealth is within themselves; he can help you discover the key to unlock the power you have within.

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About Brett Machtig

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Brett Machtig, founding partner of The Capital Advisory Group, LLC (CAG)—recognized by Forbes as one of 2013’s Top 50 Wealth Managers in the U.S.* Machtig is dedicated to helping high-net-worth investors navigate their greatest financial concerns.

Machtig’s comprehensive approach to financial planning suits conservative investors who want to preserve and enhance wealth. As a private asset manager, he has earned the trust and gratitude of many retirees and business owners as well as national recognition for his investment approach.

Machtig has authored several books, been featured on radio shows and appeared on national television programs including CNBC’s Your Money, PBS’ Financial Freedom and CNN’s Financial Update. Machtig lives in Bloomington, Minnesota and enjoys running, reading, writing and time with his family.

*Ranked #16 nationwide in the emerging RIA category.

Brett Machtig, AIF®, CWS®, RMA®
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